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Lashlock (tie down Lock system)

Lashlock (tie down Lock system)


The LashLock™ is a tie-down and lock combined.

The LashLock™ tie-down is far more versatile than regular loop-around cable locks because the cable tightens around the object and secures it in position. Use it to provide a tie down and lock for car top loads or wrap tightly around any object to lock. 
Lock your gear; kayak, windsurfer, surf board, bike, snow board, kiteboard =  LASHLOCK 

  • Simple to use
  • Rugged stainless construction
  • Built-in changeable combination lock - NO MORE LOST KEYS
  • 13 ft super-flexible coated aircraft cable
  • Convenient clips hold excess cable
  • Stop worrying about theft of valuable car top gear!

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