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Chinook Extensions

Skinny Tall Carbon US Base Cup - 46cm

Skinny Tall Carbon US Base Cup - 46cm


Probably the most highly regarded extensions on the market.

  • Ultra light weight.
  • Large brass rollers significantly reduce friction and give easy down hauling.
  • New easy to use Composite Snap Collar, eliminates lost pins and collars and can be quickly adjusted with one hand.
  • Two small moulded ramps on bottom of extension which automatically press in the US Cup push pins when connecting to base.
  • Highly visible and durable height adjustment markings.
  • High grip clam cleat and quality downhaul rope.
  • Stylish gloss finish.
  • Elegant and very strong. Pin and collar adjustment system removes less fibre to maintain strength of tubing. All come with the proven US Power-Haul pulley and cleat system and 2 cm adjustment increments. New extended length! Adds a maximum of 46cm to mast length.


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