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Pro-1 Carbon Boom 200 - 260cm

Pro-1 Carbon Boom 200 - 260cm
Pro-1 Carbon Boom 200 - 260cm

Unconditional 12 Month Warranty


  • Race Pro-1 Head is stiffer and fits both RDM and SDM
  • 32mm Diameter Grip
  • 2-pin Stainless Steel vertical slide tail piece collars
  • Improved straighter arm profiles 
  • Very high strength to weight ratio
  • Monocoque custom composite body and tail-piece 
  • Exceptional torsional rigidity and stiffness
  • 60cm tail piece is super stiff and creates modern, straighter bend
  • Built-in excess rope retention
  • Built-in tail piece pulleys for in-flight adjustable outhaul systems
  • Harness line index markings 
  • Absolute boom length markings on tail piece
  • Positive “snap-in and leave” skinny adapter for use with RD masts (14cm long)
  • Foam-filled tubing keeps water out
  • The wider boom accommodates larger deep draft sails
  • Weight: 3.19 Kg
  • Inside width: 57 cm

The Pro-1 boom head is fully articulated, so regardless of what height the boom is set at, there will be no excess tension on the boom arms or the mast. It also ensures that if the boom head is not level with the clew, the boom will not pull at the leech or foot of the sail.

We strongly recommend that you consider the Chinook in-flight outhaul kit, as used by many top racers to adjust outhaul tension quickly on the water

These carbon booms come into their own in choppy or overpowered conditions - their stiffness resists arm bending, and prevents the rig from distorting and causing you problems!


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