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Chinook Bases

Two-Bolt Quick Release Rubber US

Two-Bolt Quick Release Rubber US


  • Chinook at its best, simple, tough, trustworthy and made to last
  • For many this is the ultimate, no compromise system for when the going gets tough
  • Rubber joint provides excellent shock absorption in choppy conditions
  • Set up with a safety strap that will get you ashore
  • Chinook Logo
  • Almost all sailors that try the 2 bolt base system never go back - they love its ease of use and dependability
  • Unique and easy to remove Upper UJ section, with a built in hex wrench that tightens the two mounting bolts on the plate. The separate deck plate can then be moved
  • Hexwrench
  • The low height plate can be left on the board without the Upper UJ section - giving easy board storage and saving time when you go sailing
  • Additional separate deck plates can be purchased (one for each board)
  • Simple, tough and unbeatable base system
  • As used by many top pros in the toughest environments

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