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TR-2 8,0m

TR-2 8,0m
Race Sail.

Years of experience and testing produced this thoroughbred, with sometimes only small refinements required to make big gains.

Designed and perfected by Barry Spanier, Phil McGain and Kevin Pritchard, the TR-2 has a broad range of use.

Balanced batten loading (BBL) - This newly developed race sail with alternate batten pockets on each side of the sail starting at the foot batten on the starboard side and moving up to next batten on the port side, alternating all the way to the top batten. This BBL produces more speed, more balanced rotation and cam pressure equally both on port and starboard tacks.

Shape refinement - A deep, powerful shape in the lower sections, combined with solid resistance to rotation keeps the sail powering in lulls and develops acceleration. The TR-2 has evolved shaping that is rounding the entry curves in a way that forces the depth forward creates better cam rotation and stops the draft from moving back in that full part of the sail.

Better construction
- More material structure has been added to the tack and head finish that gives the sail a stronger and smoother finish.

Metal screw fitting and more refined batten tensioner ensure easy and faultless adjustment of the battens.

TR-2's unique Character
- Perfection and smooth sailing.
- Bottom end glide.
- Top end control and effortless acceleration
- Racing winning performance.

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