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Windsurfing at Kimmeridge Bay

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Watch little K-Bay fun size video, west south west winds, 2 - 3 ft waves, 15-18 knots..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF--mNo_JFg

It’s so good we named the company after it! But what is all the fuss about? The are many factors that come together to make Kimmeridge Bay the real deal for windsurfers, but it all starts with the geology. Kimmeridge is dominated by shallow ledges that extend out to sea so that any swell is gradually boosted into waves of all shapes and sizes.


On its day KBay can generate world class waves, and when combined with cross-shore north-westerly winds becomes a serious playground and a destination for the best windsurfers in the world. For the mere mortals Kimmeridge can be a serious challenge but often reveals its mellower side with fabulous medium and small waves (as per videos above) and usable in all wind directions from north-westerly round to south-easterly. Even bang onshore south-westerly winds can be great fun with smooth swells to flatter your gybes and some steep ramps for jumps.

Easy rigging and launching soften the blow of the £5 toll fee to enter the private land but its usually well worth it. There are a couple of slight complications, firstly beware of the rocky ledge and other isolated rocks in the bay that come into play during the extended low tides (see tides for Mupe Bay). Secondly the land to the west of the bay is a military firing area and parts of the bay are within the range, call the Lulworth Range Control Office (01929 404819) for more information.

See our gallery of Kimmeridge images (Roger Turner). Don’t be put off by Kimmeridge’s awesome reputation, on many days it’s a free-riders paradise too. By the way Kimmeridge Bay is wonderful for SUP surfing and adventures too, just be careful with surfers rights.

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